Munam Goodwin and Brandon Phelps in SHORN at Theatre of Lafayette
Photo by Jeremy Papasso

Three characters.

Three unreliable narrators.

A different kind of story.

Lena begrudgingly takes in Claire, a young woman ostracized from her village for fraternizing with the enemy. Claire soon has her eye on Lena’s boy, August who is sent out to work for the women in town who have lost their men to war. Secrets abound and survival tactics are held long after their benefits have expired as the two women vie for the soul of the young man whose own secrets and ambitions are forced into relief and ultimately call for action. Shorn is a play about the need to find a place and the power of letting go.

“Theater Company of Lafayette’s ‘Shorn’ an antidote to despair.” – Boulder Daily Camera

“A raw, brutal, but honest story of how war ravages not just land but also heart. It’s message is something we need to hear in this day and age: that the terror is not in the gun fires but in the way spirits are doused.” – Richard Tagle Review

Regional Premiere: Theater Company of Lafayette, 2019

Chosen for development by Theatre 33, Salem, Oregon; included in its 2017 3 X 3 Summer Festival of New Plays.

Carol Adams and Reilly Resnick in Shorn at Theatre 33
Photo by Dale Peterson

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