my big thanks

So many have helped me on my way

Special thanks to Madge Montgomery, Artistic Director of Theater Company of Lafayette who kept me in the game; who cheers me on and always seems to understand what I’m trying to do, however muddled its beginnings.

To Susan Coromel, Artistic Director of Theatre 33, who has given me new confidence and new opportunities. And to her co-founding partners Thomas Nabhan and Rachel Kinsman Steck.

To Deb Vaughn, best dramaturg ever.

To Mary Roberts, my teacher in all things words.

To Hansie Wong, my secret agent. Positive force in the world, unflagging supporter.

To my sister, Elizabeth Hart, my best play fellow and and an absolute genius at creating things small and whimsical.

To all the teachers in my life, so generous with their time and encouragement, particularly Mandy Greear, Grainne Hed, Lyn Jackson, Rochelle O’Donnell and Sarah Wilson.

To the photographers: Photos by Dale Peterson and Rachel Kinsman Steck, courtesy Theatre 33; Photos by Brian Miller and Jeremy Papasso, courtesy Theater Company of Lafayette.

Finally, to Virginia Pellegrino, who has read almost everything I’ve written lately, including the text for this website, and who helps me lose the extra words.

And to Ollie, one of my more demanding critical friends