Dancing Lesson

Set Design for the Shenandoah Playwrights Retreat workshop production

A Surreal Romp in Eight Scenes

Set in a formal ballroom, this romp in eight scenes follows the comic and often painful adventures of Lucy, the awkward daughter of beautiful, charming and eternally young Cecelia and Edward who frequent the ballroom to pick up fleeting friends and lovers. Born onstage – brought on in a red wagon – Lucy grows up having to get her parents’ attention between dance sets. The play, which takes place during the course of one evening in the lives of Edward and Cecelia and throughout the years of Lucy’s life, is written from the point of view of a child struggling to make sense of the world of adults where incomprehensible codes of conduct and confusing rules of etiquette – decrees only they seem to understand – appear to rule over honest emotion and common sense.

Productions: ACME Theatricks and Hanover College.

Readings: Restless Pens, San Francisco and The University of Washington.

Workshopped at The Shenandoah International Playwrights Retreat.

Kennedy Center ACTF Regional Playwriting Award

Shenandoah Playwrights Retreat Fellowship

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