The Great Bub

America’s Vietnam: A generation of boys went off to war. This is the story of one who was lost, who came home and the families who waited.

It is 1968 and three high school buddies, Bub, Dev and Louis are eager to play army and “join in the fun” in Vietnam. They have made a pact to enlist together right after graduation. Fourteen-year-old Mud, Dev’s little sister, Bub’s pet and Louis’ nemesis feels left behind. With an often-absent mother, she finds herself having to care for Grammy, her ever loving and equally feisty grandmother who is beginning to show signs of forgetfulness.

Not everyone comes home. Mud’s grandmother ultimately disappears into her dementia, and yet it will be Grammy who manages to reach beyond the grief and confusion and provide comfort. THE GREAT BUB is about family and unlikely friendship; about growing up and accepting loss.

Workshop Production, Theatre 33, Salem, Oregon 2023 Summer Pop Up Series of New Plays

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