ACME Theatricks

Ensemble Created Plays


(Scripter; Director and Designer)

Ten Years Before the Movies, There Was ACME Theatricks

Randall Davenport wants to become an astronaut. Instead, he ends up at a poorly funded secret government agency that roots out people who have seen unexplained phenomena and re-programs their memories. Assignments come from the mysterious Dr. Bob who only speaks in commercial jingles and sends him out to compete in beauty pageants and with the Girl Scout Girls to beat them at door-to-door sales.

“A funny, paranoid fantasy about the alleged harassment of people who have seen UFOs. The piece was written by the 10 people who perform it. They are snappy satirists” – Joe Adcock, The Seattle Times

Written and Produced ACME Theatricks.

Hits at two Seattle Fringe Festivals


(Scripter; Designer)

A Rock ‘n Roll Musical about Aliens, Scientifically Modified Vegetables and Going Shopping.

A group of aliens learn about the ways of human beings from television sitcoms and set about infiltrating middle America posing as the perfect family.

Written and Produced by ACME Theatricks.

Featured in Seattle’s Rest of the Best Showcase and the first Seattle Fringe Festival